Special Event Parking

Special Event Parking Policy

This policy is to serve as a uniform guideline for university special event parking in facilities controlled by Parking Services.  It is intended to cover most forms of pre-planned event parking.

Special Event Parking Description:

Special event parking is any organized parking for university employees or visitors attending a planned event on campus.  This policy applies to department functions, conferences, and official university activities.  Special event parking is defined as pre-planned parking for 10 or more parking spaces.

Special Event parking does not include the following:

  • NCAA Sanctioned Athletics Events
  • CEI Arena Events (not including Retriever Room)
  • Temporary or Vendor Parking
  • Construction Parking


  • Complete and submit a Special Event Request Form at least 15 days prior to the date of the event.   Event parking cannot proceed until request has been approved by Parking Services
  • Availability of parking facilities for the event is not guaranteed. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests.  For groups assigned parking in South Campus or Maryland State Highway Park-n-Ride, the sponsoring department must request shuttle service through UMBC Transit
  • Failure to notify Parking Services of the cancellation of an event at least 48 hours prior to the event will result in a billing charge to the department or organization
  • When parking spaces are reserved, the department/group will be charged based upon the number of spaces being held, even if they go unused
  • Organizations without a University Chartstring must submit payment for services in advance to the Parking Services Department by check or money order payable to UMBC