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Please complete by typing directly on the forms.

Student Carpool Permit Application

Use this form to sign up for the student carpool permit.

Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit Application

Use this form to sign up for a faculty/staff carpool permit.
For special events that need a Parking Lot Attendant and spaces reserved.

Permit Information 

Please use this form when requesting a semester permit for ELI Students and (non-UMBC) Student Interns/Lab Assistants, Camp Counselors, etc and for UMBC Partner Affiliates (Chartwells, ABM, OVG, PNC, etc)

New Hire 2-Week Permit

Used to request 2-Week temporary parking for new employees.

New Hire Permit Request 

Used to set-up permits for C1, C2, Interns/Volunteers, Adjuncts, part-time, etc

Contractor/Vendor Permit 

Gated Lot Request 


Please email completed forms to: