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Welcome to Parking Services


As we enter the final weeks of the spring semester, we wanted to pass on the information we have at this point. Please note, we will post all announcements on the UMBC Parking Services site, as well as on myUMBC and the Parking Services social media sites (Facebook and Twitter).

We will be continue to operate without permits for the summer sessions. As with spring semester, you may park in any legal space (pay-to-park spots are included and there will be no charge during summer). Those who illegally park in designated spaces (such as 10 Minute, Service, CD, etc.) will be ticketed.

As far as the fall, we are awaiting final word from the University. We hope to make an announcement regarding the fall no later than the beginning of July.

The Parking Services Office will not be physically staffed this Spring, but our staff will be available to assist you during our normal office hours of 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday – Friday. Have a question? Contact us at 410-455-2551 or We will be providing information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

1. Are permits available for the Summer?
A. We will not be issuing permits this Summer. We will announce policies regarding permits for the 2021-22 school year this summer.
2. If we don’t have a permit, can we park anywhere?
A. Faculty/Staff/Students will be permitted to park in any legal space on campus. However, we will be enforcing posted signs (Handicapped, CD Parking, etc.) and safety violations.
3. Can Freshmen Residents park on campus?
A. Due to the limited number of vehicles on campus, Freshmen may park on the main campus.
4. Do you have to pay-to-park in visitor parking lots? 
A. We will not be enforcing pay-to-park lots this Spring. As a result, visitor spaces will simply be legal spaces, open to anyone. Please note, visitor’s must be approved to be on campus.
5. If we don’t have permits, do we still need to register our vehicles?
A. Yes, registering your vehicles is essential. Not only will it prepare you for a return to permits but it will also provide us with your contact information in case of an emergency. Additionally, due to Covid-19 protocols, we need to monitor who is on campus at all times for your safety.
6. When the university returns to normal operations, I will no longer need a Gate Card. How do I return my gate card now?
A. Please place your card in an envelope and include a note with your name and campus ID. Send via Campus Mail to Parking Services.
7. Where are your electric charging stations and how long can we park at one?
A. We have 10 charging stations in the Walker Avenue Garage, 7 in Lot 9 and 2 in the Stadium Lot. We do ask that you limit yourself to 4 hours at a station.
8. I bought daily permits. Will they expire before I can use them?
A. No, your daily permits are good through 2025.
9. How do you renew your MTA sticker on your ID? Need to renew?
A. Contact Parking Services at or 410-455-2551. We will verify your eligibility and arrange for pick-up at the UMBC Police Station.