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Employee Permits


Is Your Vehicle Information Up To Date?

UMBC requires all parked vehicles have a valid UMBC virtual permit, Monday through Friday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, excluding visitor Pay-to-Park spaces.  Parking permits are required year round and permit is attached to your vehicles. Permits are valid for an academic year from September 1st through August 31st.

Permits will not be issued to employees with past due parking fines.

Refunds will not be issued on permits.

Employees receiving tuition remission are not eligible for a student permit.  Faculty are not eligible for a student permit.

Employee permits are issued to the following zones:

Zone D – Non-gated parking for annual D permit ($280.00)

Zone D – Daily permits ($2.00 each)  are for one date use only and are also available in a 5-pack, 10-pack, or 20-pack online.

Zone E – Gated parking – with visor card valid for the assigned gated lot only ($380.00)

Modified parking zones are in effect after 4 PM and during the winter and summer sessions.


Gated Parking Wait List

Complete a gated lot request form to go on the wait list. A list of gated lot requests is maintained by Parking Services. To remain on the wait list a valid UMBC permit must be purchased each year. If you transfer to a different department while on the wait list, notify Parking Services of the change. Should space on gated lots become available the wait list will be forwarded to the appropriate dean or vice president for selection. Parking Services will notify selected employees with instructions on how to obtain the gated parking.

Gated Lot Request


Parking Payroll Deduction Program

Regular or Contingent 2 employees are eligible to participate in this pretax benefit.  Parking deductions are taken over 20 pays from early September until early June. Open enrollment begins around the middle of August each academic year.  Once enrolled your e-Permit will automatically renew.

To end payroll deduction, go to Parking Services to complete a cancellation form.

Eligible employees can enroll at Parking Services while the program is open.  A ‘Certification of Eligibility’ from Human Resources and campus ID must be provided by new employees to enroll. Employees that start after February 11, 2020 will need to pay for their parking fees for the remainder of the academic year with the option to enroll during the open period in August.

Permits Purchased by Cash, Check or Credit Card

Permits can be purchased at Parking Services with payment of currency or check only during regular business hours, ID required (UMBC or driver license).  Daily permits can be purchased in packs of 5, 10 and 20 in the office.

New Hire Two Week Permit

The hiring department can submit a request to: for a two week temporary permit.  Please include employees name, start date, hiring status and vehicle information to include license plate.  Temporary permits are available for new regular full-time or full-time contingent 2 employees only. Part-time employees are NOT eligible for this permit.