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Motorcycles and Scooters

Parking Services provides decals for motorcycles and road approved scooters.  The decals are issued at Parking Services.  There is no charge for students and no charge for employees that have obtained an annual permit.

Designated motorcycle/scooter parking spaces are available throughout the campus and your decal is valid for any of these spaces.

If parking in a regular vehicle parking space you will need to park in your designated parking zone and allow room for a second motorcycle to share the space.  A maximum of two motorcycle/scooters are permitted in one regular parking space.


Bicycles must be parked in bicycle pods or at bicycle racks.  Bicycles chained to trees, building, poles, etc may be confiscated by UMBC Police.


Fix a Bicycle

    • The Fix-It station is a repair stand with tools, and can be used for
      • Cleaning and lubricating the chain
      • Inflating or changing a flat tire
      • Adjusting gears and brakes, and more
    • Two Fix-It stations are at the ground level of Commons Garage and Walker Garage, with a third planned for the Admin garage currently under construction.