Citation Appeals

Violation Appeals: Appeals must be received within 14 calendar days of the issue date. The issue date is day one.  Citations pending an appeal decision will not receive a late fee.  The 30-day grace period will begin on the date when the appeal is resolved.


Violations may be appealed through the State of Maryland District Court system or through a UMBC administrative appeal process. Choice of one appeal process waives choice of the other process.

Administrative fees of $10.00 will be charged on appeals unless lowered to a Warning or adjudicated to not guilty.

All appeal decisions are final.

Visitors online UMBC Administrative Appeal Process:

Submit via E-mail to 
Those who receive citations and are not affiliated with the university may send their appeal with explanation via e-mail to

UMBC Employee online UMBC Administrative Appeal Process:

Submit online by going to Parking Account Management and login as an ‘Affiliate’.  Go to ‘Citations and click on ‘Appeal’ to enter your written appeal.  You can choose if you wish to have your decision mailed or sent in an email.

UMBC Student Administrative Appeal Process:

UMBC students must initiate appeal review online.  Student notification of the appeal decision will be sent through email.  The Student Parking Appeals Board under Student Judicial Programs will review and resolve student appeals.  The board convenes during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Submit online by going to Parking Account Management and login as an ‘Affiliate’.  Go to ‘Citations and click on ‘Appeal’ to enter your appeal.

District Court of MD Review

Visitors, employees and students have the option of having their citation reviewed by District Court of Maryland before a judge.  The District Court is located at 1 E Rolling Cross Road, Catonsville, MD 21228.  To request a District Court Hearing, you must e-mail Parking Services at within 14 days from the date of the citation.  You may request the violation issuer to be present at DCM trial. Court costs will be assessed by the judge.  District Court will notify you by mail of your court date and time.

Eight Reasons Not to File an Appeal!
How do I know if I should file an appeal?
If you have received a citation and wonder if you should file an appeal, check the list below before filing your appeal. Typically, the Appeal Board will reject appeals citing the following reasons:
  • Lack of knowledge about parking regulations – When you were issued your permit you acknowledged reading the UMBC Parking Rules and Regulations
  • Dropping off an assignment or seeing an instructor.
  • Short-term parking – left hazard lights on. Parked in the visitor garage? Please pay. Sitting in your car in a space is still occupying a space and you must pay.
  • Parking for just a “short time”. It is $2 for UP TO an hour at the Pay to Park Lots.
  • Unable to find a legally-marked parking space. There are always spaces available. Plan ahead and be prepared for a reasonable walk.
  • Parking in a reserved space without a valid permit for the reserved space. Between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday to Friday you need a permit. If the University is open (classes or not), this policy applies.
  • Inoperable vehicle (car trouble). Things happen but it is YOUR JOB to notify Parking Services in a timely fashion. Please don’t wait until you have received multiple citations to reach out to Parking Services.
  • Late to or from an appointment or class. Being late is not an acceptable excuse to park illegally.

Valid reasons would be a medical emergency, family emergency or illness